Exicom Group

Powering Progress,
Driving Sustainability

Exicom drives progress

We lead the charge with smart, sustainable and connected solutions in critical power and EV charging. With a wealth of experience, we specialise in ensuring mission-critical network continuity, while advancing sustainability by mainstreaming EV adoption. Our commitment to innovate around unique customer challenges helps them to progress together for the better.

Join Our Electrification

We are a growing team with over 1200+ people. To power the energy systems of tomorrow, we need people to power our mission today. We’re constantly on the lookout for new talent – come help us make our journey a success story.

Building Sustainably

Exicom's mission is to propel the world towards sustainability by leading the shift from fossil fuels to renewables. Our global presence, technological expertise, and unwavering commitment make us a key player in driving innovation for a cleaner, greener future.


We take charge. We believe that ownership brings out in our people a deep sense of fulfillment through their complete commitment to every aspect of their work.