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40 Under 40 Spotlight

Anant Nahata’s Remarkable Achievement

Feb 13, 2024
We are not just making promises, but effecting real change for our planet and future generations," Anant Nahata upon receiving the BW 40 under 40 Award.

The automobile industry has experienced a significant transformation over the years, shifting from fossil fuels to greener energy sources and reshaping transportation needs. As concerns about pollution and fossil fuel depletion rise, the auto industry is adapting to become more eco-friendly. Specifically, road transport accounts for three-quarters of these emissions and 15% of global CO2 emissions.

Business leaders, organizations, and industries are prioritizing the development of futuristic and environmentally friendly technologies across various sectors, including products, services, and the automobile industry. As the automotive sector adapts to evolving dynamics and emerging trends, it is essential to acknowledge and honour individuals who are spearheading positive change. The BW Auto World’s 40 under 40 list stands as a testament to this commitment, celebrating the accomplishments of young achievers who not only exhibit remarkable growth within their companies but also demonstrate a profound understanding of the evolving needs and preferences of today's auto sector.

This year, the BW Team shortlisted over 1000 individuals in the Auto & Connected industries and received 200 applications that were presented to the jury to select the top 40. Among those leaders, Anant Nahata, MD of Exicom, stands tall for his remarkable contributions and visionary leadership in the industry.

Born and raised in Delhi, Anant Nahata has garnered global recognition in the EV charger industry for his sustainability efforts. He is the driving force behind Exicom's dedication to innovative, smart EV charging technology and sustainability, envisioning a greener tomorrow. Over more than 20 years of leadership, Exicom has achieved significant advancements in the energy ecosystem, emphasizing both growth and sustainability. Anant's visionary approach to achieving a zero-carbon footprint distinguishes him in the EV industry. His visionary leadership has led Exicom to design, develop and implement smart EV charging and critical power solutions that are powering progress and driving sustainability across the globe.

Under his stewardship, Exicom premiered its flagship product, the Harmony Direct DC360 Fast Charger, at the London EV Show. Tailored for the European market, this charger offers rapid charging with up to 360kW of power and a modular design, meeting the needs of modern EV drivers and charge point operators.

Moreover, Exicom’s Spin Air EV AC Charger is an innovative in-home electric vehicle charging solution. This sleek charger integrates state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly features, offering solar compatibility for renewable energy usage. With load balancing and power-sharing capabilities, users can optimize energy distribution within their homes. The integration with Exicom's Spin Control mobile app enables remote monitoring, scheduling, and real-time updates, facilitating the management of charging sessions.

Under Anant's strategic guidance and leadership, Exicom has achieved a significant market presence in residential and public EV charging sectors globally. From Southeast Asia to the Middle East, and now expanding into the UK and Europe, Exicom's EV chargers are helping in building a robust EV charging infrastructure, addressing common hesitations toward EV adoption. With smart, simple, convenient, and sustainable EV chargers, Exicom instills confidence in people to transition to electric vehicles, under his guidance, Exicom has evolved into a leader in the electric mobility ecosystem, extending its influence beyond India into Southeast Asia and the UK. The company's growth, from INR 60 Cr to about INR 900 Cr in 2022.


Anant Nahata's testimony resonates deeply: "It's truly incredible to be recognized among 40 driven individuals reshaping the automotive sector with tech innovation, sustainability, and vision. We are not just making promises, but effecting real change for our planet and future generations."

Anant's entrepreneurial spirit reflects his youth-centric approach, inspiring the younger generation to embrace sustainability and contribute to creating a better future for generations to come. His diverse portfolio of ventures, including incubating Infotel Broadband Services Ltd. and promoting KOOVS.com, India's first online fast fashion brand, showcases his ability to identify emerging opportunities and capitalize on them with strategic foresight and agility.

Beyond the Boardroom


Talking about Anant Nahata’s persona, he is passionate about sports, travel, and technology, which reflects his zest for life and quest for personal growth. However, it is his vision for a greener, more sustainable future that resonates deeply with the ethos of our times.

Anant Nahata's recognition at the BW Auto World 40 Under 40 Summit & Awards celebrates more than just individual brilliance—it highlights the transformative power of leadership and innovation. As we revel in Anant's success, we also acknowledge the spirit of innovation, resilience, and sustainability that defines Exicom Group under his stewardship.

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