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We are Exicom

The ongoing shift towards sustainable energy has provided us with the opportunity to reshape many sectors. We are actively involved in advancing the transformation to sustainable energy in mobility and telecommunications through our state-of-the-art technology in EV chargers, battery systems, and industrial power systems. With a presence in 15 countries, Exicom is rapidly expanding, providing innovative solutions across borders. Committed to innovation, we relentlessly pursue positive change, driving technological advancements and making impactful strides in the energy ecosystem.

On the EV Chargers front, we are pushing the boundaries by making it future-proof, simple, and reliable so that everyone can have the freedom to go electric.

In the Critical Power domain, our products ensure seamless operations for telecom companies worldwide, 24x7, while helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

Exicom at a Glance

30 years
In business. Founded in 1994
Market leader in India
Li-ion Batteries deployed
Countries with our presence

Words from our CEO

Exicom is leading the charge towards a future that's better, cleaner, and greener. Known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, our power management solutions are deeply rooted in sustainability. From critical power to EV charging, we're dedicated to leaving a positive mark on our customers, vendors, shareholders, and above all our planet.
Anant Nahata
Managing Director

Our Story


Incepted in 1994, Exicom started its critical power operations and set up its inaugural manufacturing and R&D facility.


The company expanded its footprint into Southeast Asia and initiated Li-ion Battery storage for telecom infrastructure.


Exicom introduced renewable hybrid solutions for the telecom industry and diversified its portfolio by venturing into EV Chargers in 2019.


Exicom gained a 60% market share in residential and a 25% share in public charging segments in India, subsequently initiating the export of EV Chargers.


Exicom made a significant move by becoming a publicly listed company on the NationalStock Exchange in March2024.

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