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Year-Round EV Charger Care Tips for Extreme Weather Protection

Sep 7, 2023

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity due to their clean and convenient features, including zero emissions, advanced technology, and faEV chargers. They offer cost savings, environmental benefits, low maintenance, and efficient performance compared to traditional ICE vehicles.

Since chargers are significant for electric vehicles, it becomes essential to ensure EV c, especially for extreme weather charging.  In a geographically diverse country like India, which witnesses different weather conditions year-round, extreme weather events like heat, rainfall, or freezing temperatures can adversely impact essential components of EV chargers, affecting their efficiency, performance, and lifespan. Thus, for a smooth and hassle-free EV experience, ensuring proper EV charger care becomes important. This will ensure to get optimum performance, enhanced reliability, and efficiency, irrespective of weather conditions. Before diving into solutions, it's important to first examine the challenges that weather conditions can pose for EV chargers. Let’s scroll below!

Impact of Extreme Weather on EV Charging

Extreme weather EV charging adversely impacts the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of batteries and chargers in many ways. For example, EV charging in hot weather can possibly cause overheating, leading to slow performance of EV chargers. It can further lead to the vehicle’s ability to receive charge, resulting in reduced EV charging speed. In addition to this, the degradation of components with a significant impact on their health can reduce EV battery life.

Similarly, EV charging in cold weather can result in malfunctioning and damaged electrical components that may require costly repairs. In case of rainfall, EV chargers can be damaged if they are not water-resistant. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the negative impacts of extreme weather on EV charging and take the required steps to ensure the optimum and safe performance of EV chargers for a smooth experience throughout the year for years.

EV Charging Tips for EV Owners

If you are an EV owner or planning to own an EV then you should know how to handle EV charging in extreme weather, along with year-round EV charger maintenance and care. Protecting your EV charger from extreme weather can keep it functional in extreme conditions, increase EV battery life, and deliver efficiency and reliability. Here are some essential EV charging tips you should always keep in mind for an enhanced EV journey.

Choose Weatherproof Smart Chargers

Commonly, EV chargers are susceptible to weather events like rain, extreme heat or cold, dust, humidity, etc. Thus, without adequate protection, this can lead to electrical hazards, corrosion, and damage to components, posing significant risks to both the charger and the vehicle. This is why weatherproofing is important to protect your chargers which involves unique techniques and specially crafted designs to prevent detrimental effects of environmental factors. For this reason, you must always choose weatherproof smart chargers that deliver optimal performance, safety, durability, and reliability.

Nowadays smart chargers are specifically designed to perform in harsh weather events and withstand changing conditions. They can perform and operate safely in high temperatures even up to 55 degrees Celsius. They are dust and water-resistant which makes it convenient to get the EVs charged without any worry.

Install Chargers in Protected Locations

Most of the home EV chargers are installed in outdoor locations which exposes them to heat, rain, dust, etc. To protect them, you should ensure their installation in a shaded area or a protected location. There are smart chargers that are compact, stylish, flexible, and easily installable.  You should place these chargers in your desired location for convenience and also to increase their lifespan, protect them from damage, and achieve enhanced safety and security.

Remote Control and Charge Scheduling for Enhanced Safety

Smart chargers are equipped with advanced features like remote control and charge scheduling for enhanced safety, convenience, and control. You can monitor your charging progress, battery health, and charge status to get real-time notifications directly on your smartphone app. This allows you to stay alert and prevent overcharging. Also, you can utilize these features to schedule your charging to periods when the temperatures are favorable. This can enable you to avoid heat-weather charging or cold-weather charging. In this way, you can protect your EV charger from incurring serious damage.

Always Keep the Charger Clean

You should always ensure that the chargers are clean. Accumulation of dust can impact their efficiency and performance. It is also critical to keep the charging port clean as well to prevent unwanted damages and get a safe plus efficient charging experience. Consider using a weatherproof cover for your smart chargers to provide an extra layer of protection from rain, dust, etc., and to keep the charger in good condition and prolong its lifespan.

In a Nutshell

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) aligns with our sustainability goals and modern transportation requirements. Maintaining your EV charger through smart charging practices and essential EV charger care tips ensures not only peak efficiency and performance but also a seamless and convenient EV journey.

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