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Say goodbye to range anxiety:

Here’s how smart charging is revolutionizing how you power your EV

Aug 1, 2023

If you are considering switching to electric mobility to run errands or for going on a long road trip with your dear ones, then having doubts like running out of battery power and getting stranded on road without a power backup is very common. Range anxiety has acted as a barrier in adopting electric vehicles but thanks to smart chargers, it is becoming a thing of the past.  These smart charging solutions are convenient, compatible, portable, and are equipped with features like customizable scheduling, remote controlling, easy activation and regular notifications that make EV charging a hassle-free experience, encouraging more people to embrace electric mobility with confidence and without any worry. But before we delve deeper, let us discuss what range anxiety is

What is range anxiety

Simply put, range anxiety is the fear of running out of battery power while driving, and it is one of the most common concerns among EV owners and potential buyers. This feeling arises from questions such as how far an EV can travel on a single charge and what might happen if there is no access to charging infrastructure. Range anxiety is particularly heightened when drivers plan road trips or long journeys, where uncertainties about the availability of public charging stations can create doubt. Moreover, range anxiety is not only about access to charging infrastructure but also about efficiency and timing. EV owners desire both fast and convenient charging options, as waiting for long hours to charge can hinder their ability to have a seamless charging experience.

How do smart chargers eliminate range anxiety?

Today, smart charging is revolutionizing how you power your electric vehicle. Smart chargers are intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles that alleviate range anxiety. These compact, durable, and easily installable chargers are also portable, giving you the freedom to recharge anytime and anywhere, whether you're at home or on the road. They come with features such as scheduled charging, and real-time monitoring, allowing you to optimize your charging experience with greater control and flexibility. These modern sustainable charging solutions prioritize your convenience and comfort, offering futuristic features and an enhanced, user-friendly experience. With high-speed internet connectivity, they provide you the freedom to remotely control and monitor your charging sessions from anywhere you are.

Long waiting hours to charge an EV? Not anymore

As compared to traditional chargers, the modern smart chargers offer fast charging capabilities. Slow charging results in consumption of more time as it requires several hours to fully recharge an EV. This is inconvenient for both daily use and long-distance travel. However, smart chargers address this challenge by reducing charging times, making EV ownership more practical and efficient. Nowadays, there are fast, reliable sustainable charging solutions that can charge an EV within an hour with a power output of 22 kW and give you an impressive 120km of range so you quickly top up your battery and get back on the road.

This means you can quickly charge your battery during a lunch break or while running errands, eliminating the need to plan your day around lengthy charging sessions. Smart charging also offers a solution for long-distance travel, enabling you to recharge your electric vehicle in a matter of minutes. This ability to rapidly recharge and get back on the road not only reduces range anxiety but also provides a more seamless and convenient experience.

Features making EV charging smoother and more enjoyable

One of the key benefits of advanced smart chargers is that they make the charging experience incredibly convenient and user-friendly. They provide complete control over charging sessions with features like remote controlling and monitoring with just one tap. You can easily monitor the charging progress and manage various functions remotely in real-time. You can schedule your charging sessions so that you don't have to worry about forgetting to charge your EV and get it always ready whenever you need it. Moreover, the option to share access with friends and family while keeping it locked to others provides a sense of security and control over charger usage. Equipped with advanced features and accessible through user-friendly apps, smart charging ensures that you owners have the utmost control over their charging sessions, making the overall experience smoother and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, smart charging is the answer to alleviate your concerns around range anxiety, making EV ownership a seamless and worry-free experience. As smart charging technology continues to advance, it will play a vital role in the future of electric mobility by providing EV owners a hassle-free experience, accelerating the transition to a cleaner and sustainable future.

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