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Powering sustainable mobility: EV chargers in offices, restaurants, and malls

Jul 13, 2023

Why Should EV Chargers Be Installed in Offices, Restaurants, and Malls?

  • Installing EV chargers in offices, restaurants, and malls promotes widespread EV adoption and addresses the need for charging infrastructure.
  • EV fast chargers offer quick and efficient charging options, improving customer satisfaction and showcasing establishments as forward-thinking.
  • EV charging stations provide businesses with lucrative opportunities, attracting customers and generating additional revenue streams.
  • Understanding space requirements and implementing public charging stations contribute to the accessibility and the growth of EV adoption, fostering a greener future.
  • For quality EV chargers designed for public areas, businesses can turn to Exicom.

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road continues to surge, the necessity for a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure becomes increasingly crucial. According to research, it is projected that the number of EVs on the road will reach a staggering 145 million by 2030. To facilitate the widespread adoption of EVs, the installation of charging stations in public spaces such as offices, restaurants, and malls is of paramount importance. Recent surveys have indicated that an overwhelming 90% of EV drivers prefer to charge their vehicles at public charging stations. Let us look at the significance of robust charging infrastructure, the advantages of fast charging, and how businesses can capitalize on this expanding market. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive guidebook for shopping malls to augment accessibility and effectively meet the escalating demand for EV charging.

This amounts to carbon emissions of around 142 million tonnes, and a whopping 86% is shared by roadways. Therefore, decarbonizing of mobility sector is of paramount importance, and EVs have an instrumental role to play.

EV Charging Infrastructure

As EVs gain popularity, the existing charging infrastructure is often insufficient to meet the increasing demand. Installing EV chargers in high-density public areas like offices, restaurants, and malls becomes a crucial solution. By creating a comprehensive Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, these establishments can facilitate convenient charging for EV owners, encouraging more people to adopt EVs and reducing range anxiety. The installation of charging stations in parking lots, garages, and office complexes ensures easy accessibility for users.

The Power of EV Fast Chargers

One of the key factors for widespread EV adoption is the availability of fast-charging solutions. EV fast chargers significantly reduce charging time, making it more convenient for EV owners. Installing fast chargers in offices, restaurants, and malls allows visitors and employees to quickly charge their vehicles while they engage in their daily activities. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also promotes a positive image of these establishments as forward-thinking and technologically advanced. EV fast chargers are essential for providing efficient charging options for EV users on the go.

Business Ideas with EV Charging Stations

Installing EV charging stations in offices, restaurants, and malls can also present lucrative business ideas. As EV ownership grows, the demand for accessible charging infrastructure increases. By offering charging services, businesses can attract more customers, generate additional revenue streams, and position themselves as leaders in the transition to sustainable transportation. It presents an opportunity to cater to the needs of the EV community while contributing to environmental sustainability. Establishing partnerships with EV charging solution providers, such as Exicom, can help businesses in implementing successful charging station ventures.

Space Requirements and Public Charging

When considering the installation of EV charging stations, understanding the space requirements is crucial. Depending on the charging infrastructure type and capacity, charging stations can vary in size and specifications. Offices, restaurants, and malls should assess their available space and consult with charging experts to determine the most suitable solution. Additionally, public charging plays a crucial role in expanding the accessibility of EV charging. By providing public charging stations in offices, restaurants, and malls, establishments can contribute to the growth of EV adoption and foster a greener future.

Enhancing EV Charging Accessibility for Shopping Malls

Shopping malls, being high-traffic areas, can greatly benefit from installing EV charging stations. To ensure the seamless integration of EV charging infrastructure, an EV charging guidebook specifically tailored for shopping malls can provide invaluable insights. The guidebook will cover topics such as optimal placement of charging stations, accessibility considerations, signage, and user-friendly interfaces, making EV charging a convenient and accessible experience for mall visitors. Shopping malls can attract more customers by offering EV charging amenities and positioning themselves as eco-friendly destinations.

The installation of EV chargers in offices, restaurants, and malls is a strategic move that offers numerous benefits. It addresses the growing need for charging infrastructure, provides faster charging options through EV fast chargers, and presents viable business ideas for these establishments. Understanding the space requirements and embracing public charging are essential aspects of creating a comprehensive EV charging network. By leveraging the provided EV charging guidebook, shopping malls can enhance accessibility and provide a seamless charging experience for Evs.

To contribute to a sustainable future and meet the needs of the growing EV community, offices, restaurants, and malls can install EV chargers. A wide range of high-quality EV chargers, including fast chargers, are available for high-density public areas. These chargers are designed to withstand frequent use, making them ideal for public places. By selecting reliable charging solutions, businesses can provide convenient charging services to customers and employees, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.

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