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Exicom x Power Equipment & Supplies, INC.

Powering Premium Auto Brands in the Philippines

Jul 13, 2023

Business Context

In 2022, the Philippines set forth on its journey towards adopting electric vehicles by enacting a national law aimed at promoting e-mobility across the country. Premium auto brands like BMW and Lexus are at the forefront of this transition. However, the full infrastructure to support the electrification of Philippine transportation is not yet realized. For BMW, it was imperative to ensure seamless back-end operations when it comes to receiving the imported units and releasing them to their end users. While in the case of Lexus, the brand had released its EV models starting with the Lexus RZ.


  • We partnered with Power Equipment & Supplies, Inc. (PESIN) to create a take the first steps in creating a robust EV charging infrastructure.
  • PESIN successfully supplied and installed Exicom's Harmony 60kW DC charger at BMW's pre-delivery inspection center (PDI), to ensure timely release to dealers.
  • Furthermore, PESIN also supplied and installed the same Harmony unit at BMW’s flagship showroom.
  • PESIN also installed Harmony 60kW DC charger at the Lexus showroom which helped them provide premium and seamless charging experience to their customers.
  • The charger also ensured a smooth and efficient pre-delivery inspection process

User Experiences

  • BMW's emphasis on providing an excellent charging experience has played a significant role in attracting and retaining customers.
  • Reliable and seamless charging experience has helped BMW consistently sell out their cars.
  • For Lexus, the installation of a rapid charger at the Lexus showroom to ensure a smooth charging experience for their customers.
  • Additionally, every upcoming Lexus electric vehicle is guaranteed a fully charged battery without significantly extending the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) time, thanks to Exicom DC Harmony charger's capabilities to charge EVs in a matter of minutes.

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