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India's most popular EVs and their charging times...

Jun 27, 2023

The demand for #ElectricVehicles has been seen increasing at an exponential rate. The #EV market will witness a CAGR of 44% from 2020 to 2027 and a sales projection of 6.34 million by 2027, as per a report by ISEA.

With an array of benefits and continuous evolution of the #EVecosystem, more and more people are moving towards #EVadoption. While EV users still face some significant challenges, minimizing charging time has progressed with the development of #ChargingInfrastructure and technology.

Here is the list of the popular #EVs with more details:

  1. Tata Motors Nexon EV PRIME: Tata Motors, being the nation's largest manufacturer of #EVcars has dominated the market with its EV range. In June 2022, Tata Motors had a year over year increase in sales of around 365.46%, selling 2709 EVs as compared to 582 EVs over the previous period. Nexon’s IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy inspired Tri-arrow design presents a futuristic theme. Not only does it possess a 30.2 kWh high energy density #lithiumionbattery, but also house a liquid-cooled thermal management system and IP67 Ingress protection for both motor and battery pack provide power & protection. As far as charging standards go, it has CCS2 with a #chargingtime of 9 hours 10 min from a 15 A plug point and fast charging time of 60 min. Moreover, it carries a 3.3kW #ACcharger onboard for added measure.
  2. Nexon EV MAX: This model by #TataMotors is built for a longer Driving Range on a Single Charge, 437 km per charge. It offers a relatively bigger battery capacity than #Nexon Prime. With a staggering 33% higher capacity than the Nexon EV MAX, it holds a 40.5kWh Lithium-ion #Battery with an IP67 rating and with a CCS2 #Charging standard. The car comes with an integrated 7.2 kW AC charging gun for easy overnight Charging (6.5 hours). With a 15A point, the estimated charging time comes around 15 hours. Moreover, fast charging time for Nexon EV max is approximately 56 min from 56 kW DC charger unit.
  3. Tigor EV: This Sedan By #TATA Motors combines safety, technology, and performance to provide a Spectacular Driving Experience. The car has a driving range of 306 km on a full charge and is #ARAI certified. With CCS2 charging standard and 26kWh lithium-ion battery pack, this car has an estimated charging time of 8 hours 45 min from any 15 A point and 65 minutes fast charging time from a 65 kW DC Charger.
  4. Morris Garages India MG ZS EV: The MG ZS EV is the only Electric vehicle that MG offers in the Indian Market. The beast packs a 50.3 kWh battery with a UL258I0 certification and a P69K rating. It also comes with multiple charging options and has a CCS2 charger type. The estimated time for charging is 8.5-9 hours for a 7.5 kW charger. For fast charging, the charging time is 60 minutes with a 50 kW CCS charger. If that wasn’t enough, the car offers a driving range of 461km on a single charge.
  5. Hyundai Motor India Ltd. Kona EV: The Kona #Suv is the only EV that #Hyundai offers in the Indian market and offers a driving range of 452 km on a full charge. The 2022 #HyundaiKonaElectric packs a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion battery with an estimated fast charging time of 57 minutes using a CCS2 50kW DC charger. Using a 7.2 kW charger the car takes around 6 hours and 10 minutes to charge completely. The car also comes with a 2.8kW portable charger which can fit into any normal socket and has an estimated charge time of 19 hours to charge completely.
  6. Mahindra Group E Verito: The #electricsedan from #Mahindra provides a smooth driving experience along with various new features, one of which is regenerative braking. While the driving range of the #Everito is about 140 Km, the estimated time for normal charging stands at 11 hours 30 min & 1 hour 30 min for fast charge.
  7. Audi India E-Tron: Audi's first all-electric SUV is built for daily driving. The car has a driving range of 484 km with a 95 kWh battery capacity and an estimated charging time of 9 hours with an AC charger. For DC fast charging the #Audi car takes around 33 minutes.
  8. BMW Group iX: #BMW Launched iX recently in the Indian market, this luxury masterpiece packs the best features of the X family into the iX and has a starting price of ₹11590000. The car has a driving range of approximately 425 km on a single charge. The iX has a 71kWh battery capacity and has an estimated charge time of 7 hours 15 minutes for AC charging and 31 minutes for fast charging.
  9. BMW i4: This luxury sedan by BMW provides a high level of comfort and possesses qualities that mark it ideal for daily driving. The i4 is aerodynamically designed for smooth acceleration & seamless handling, and has a battery capacity of 83.9 kWh. Due to its thoughtful construction, the car has a range of 590 km. The charge time in an AC charging station is around 8 hours 15 minutes and the fast charging time is 31 minutes
  10. Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd. EQC: This luxury electric SUV by #Mercedes represents their engineering expertise and brand value centered around “emotion and intelligence” in the EV segment. The car is built keeping sustainability in mind. The EQC offers a driving range of 420 km per full charge. It also has an 80 kWh battery capacity. With a new 11 kW onboard charger, AC charging time will significantly reduce to become 7.5 hours .and the estimated charging time for #DCchargers is 90 minutes.

The #EVmarket in #India is growing at an exponential pace. Tata Motors dominate the EV market due to its comparatively lower-priced, feature-packed vehicles. The MG ZS is also catching the public eye with its i-SMART technology combined with extensive features. Other car manufacturers have also seen a rise in demand. Features and specifications to address challenges such as Range anxiety, Charging time, Charging Network and safety seems to be a key factor in attracting public interest.

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