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How Smart Charging Can Save Money:

Unlocking Efficiency and Cost Savings

Jul 27, 2023

With EVs becoming mainstream, the focus has shifted towards making EV owning a convenient and hassle-free experience. Since fast, reliable and sustainable charging is one of the important factors to drive EV growth, smart charging solutions, backed by innovative technologies are revolutionizing EV charging and acting as catalysts behind higher EV uptick in India. These sustainable charging solutions, apart from making charging easier and faster, come with huge cost benefits by optimizing energy consumption with data, charging during off-peak hours of the energy grid, low installations and maintenance costs, energy management, remote control and better monitoring.

How does smart charging promote cost savings?

Also known as intelligent or connected EV chargers, these smart charging solutions are designed to be controlled remotely with smartphones through applications. They can collect and analyze data for energy optimization and adjust charging based on grid conditions and come with features such as scheduling the charging time and real-time notifications. These sustainable charging solutions can integrate with renewable energy sources for cleaner electric vehicle(EV) charging, and provide you with enhanced control and efficiency.

The smart charging solutions are greatly beneficial for you in terms of cost savings as they enable you to take full advantage of Time-Of-Use (TOU) tariffs provided by utility providers. This approach maximizes your cost savings by avoiding peak demand charges and optimizing your charging routines for energy consumption.  By charging your vehicle during these off-peak hours, you can significantly reduce your charging costs. Smart charging not only saves your money but also helps balance the overall electricity demand on the grid.

If you are a business owner with EV fleets, then you can benefit from smart charging by optimizing the charging schedule of your vehicles by aligning with periods of lower electricity demand and reduced rates. These cost-saving benefits of sustainable charging solutions make EV ownership and operation more economically viable. With smart charging, the financial advantages of EVs extend beyond reduced fuel costs, making them an attractive choice for cost-conscious owners and businesses alike.

In addition to bringing huge cost savings, modern electric vehicle charging solutions are equipped with data analytics capabilities. By analyzing the data generated during charging, you can monitor your charging habits, energy consumption and overall expenditure on electricity bills. The smart charging solutions are capable of providing valuable insights into charging patterns and can facilitate better electricity optimization. This can enable you to understand your energy consumption patterns, personalize your charging profiles, minimize energy waste, improve efficiency and maximize cost savings.

What are the features of smart charging solutions?

The smart charging solutions are designed to bring more convenience for users in their EV charging experience be it commercial or personal. For instance, a smart charger provides you complete convenience and control whether installed at home or carried on the go. For example, if you leave for the office at 9 am in the morning, then you can easily schedule your charging during the night to benefit from reduced rates during off-peak hours and also get your EV fully charged when you need it. The one-tap control feature through the smartphone app lets you take full control of your EV charging. You can easily monitor the charging status on an intuitive charge status display which keeps you informed about the charging progress. Nowadays, smart chargers come with the high-power capabilities of up to 22 kW which can give ensure fast charging and deliver approximately 120 km of range with just one hour of charging.

Similarly, a smart charger which is designed specifically for modern homes, is compact and stylish, and offers all the essential features users need to conveniently charge their electric vehicle (EV) at home.  It takes up minimal space while delivering efficient charging performance. Moreover, it also gives you full freedom along with the flexibility to charge up anytime, anywhere.  You can simply plug into any electrical outlet, whether at home or on the road, and recharge at your convenience.

Maximizing through smart charging for business

If you run a business and you are looking at making cost gains with these sustainable charging solutions, some offerings allow efficient charging of multiple EV types simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for commercial fleets. To address the space requirements for EV charging, a smart charger offers a practical and easily deployable solution. For example, if you are an EV dealer, then offering EV charging at your dealership can benefit your customers by allowing them to charge their EVs at your dealership. These fast chargers take minimum time, can charge multiple EVs at once and serve as an attraction to bring more customers for business advantages. Their lightweight and compact designs allow for easy transportation and installation, making them suitable for all commercial and public EV charging locations. This flexibility in space requirement enables you to set up charging stations in various settings, improving EV charging accessibility.

Additionally, a smart charger specifically offers efficient charging capabilities for lightweight vehicles. With its support for high-current outputs, charging management software, and ability to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously, it provides fast charging, contributing to the overall efficiency of EV charging infrastructure. 

Reducing expenses with intelligent EV charging

Smart charging solutions provide businesses and individuals with significant cost benefits, contributing to the rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs). These solutions offer optimized charging strategies that help reduce charging costs, resulting in long-term savings on energy expenses. By leveraging off-peak electricity rates and integrating renewable energy sources, smart charging solutions make EV ownership economically attractive and environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, the scalability of these solutions enables businesses to expand their charging infrastructure without requiring substantial upfront investments, accommodating the growing demand for EVs.

The cost advantages of smart EV charging solutions play a vital role in making the transition to electric vehicles financially feasible and supporting the continuous growth of the EV market. As technologies continue to develop further, smart charging solutions will greatly support in accelerating the journey towards a greener and cleaner ecosystem.

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