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Facts Versus Fiction:

Debunking Common EV Charging Myths

Sep 7, 2023

EV Charging: Fixing the False for Future

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the way people travel and their growing popularity is making them a mainstream. These clean, noise-free, convenient, and futuristic vehicles are not just sustainable but perfectly cater to the modern mobility needs. However, despite numerous advantages, there are many common misconceptions around EV charging that restrict potential EV buyers from making faster decisions and switching to electric mobility. So, let's debunk some common EV charging myths with accurate EV charging information to clear the doubts and ensure the transition to electric mobility.

Myth: EV Charging Takes a Lot of Time and Cost-efficient

This is one of the most common EV charging myths among EV buyers. This is due to the fact that people are used to getting their conventional vehicles reeled within minutes at regular refueling stations and they are skeptical about getting the same convenience with EVs. They are also concerned about waiting for extended periods to get the vehicle fully charged for daily use and even long-distance travel, restricting them from adopting EVs. 

Fact: Smart chargers complete EV charging within minutes 

Waiting for longer periods to get EVs fully charged is no longer a reality. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, today there are smart chargers that are quick and efficient and complete EV charging within minutes. They are capable of delivering a power output of 22 KW for fast charging, allowing users to charge their EVs conveniently during short breaks, eliminating the need to plan the day as per charging sessions. Even for those looking at long-distance traveling, these smart chargers enable fast EV charging for a completely worry-free traveling experience.


Myth: EV Charging Offers Low Range

Another EV charging myth that is prevalent coming range among potential EV owners is that EV charging offers a low range. This is also called range anxiety which often stems from the fear of getting stranded on the road, without access to a charging facility. Also, the EV buyers are doubtful about how far EVs can travel on a single charge due to a lack of accurate information on electric vehicle charging. Moreover, inadequate charging infrastructure on the road also contributes to their range anxiety.


Fact: Smart Charging Actually Helps in Overcoming Range Anxiety 

The modern smart chargers are compact, durable, and easily installable. They can be easily carried while traveling and thus, they completely eliminate the worry of having access to charging infrastructure. They can be used anywhere at home, or in the office, or on the road. Also, these chargers are designed to alleviate range anxiety and are loaded with features such as scheduled charging, remote management, and real-time monitoring. With these, the users can have more flexibility and control over the charging process, and manage charging sessions from any location, ensuring their peace of mind. 


Myth: EV Charging is Costly


Many potential EV buyers believe that buying an EV can be heavy on their pockets as EV charging is costly. This misconception arises from various doubts related to constant and long charging hours which may add up to electricity bills, fluctuating electricity rates across different locations, and others. Additionally, the required investment for charging infrastructure setup, cost of charging equipment, upgrades, installation fees, etc. Also, it restricts many people from switching to electric mobility. 


Fact: Smart Chargers Reduce the Cost of EV Charging and Increase Savings


In reality, smart charging offers huge cost-saving benefits to EV owners. With features such as charging scheduling EV owners can charge their vehicles during off-peak electricity rates and reduce their costs significantly. They can benefit from Time-of-Use (TOU) provided by utility providers by charging during periods of reduced electricity demand and rates and increasing their savings on electricity bills. Also for business owners with EV fleets, smart charging solutions support maximizing their revenue by charging their electric vehicles with better-charging management solutions during periods of low demand. In addition, the scalability of these solutions allows businesses to expand their charging infrastructure with minimal upfront investments and switch to electric mobility conveniently.


Myth: EV Charging is Full of Hassles

Potential EV customers worry that charging EVs can be cumbersome as they lack modern features, great user experience, convenience, and control. Additionally, they believe a lack of features such as real-time monitoring, remote management, and other smart technologies can make EV charging a painstaking, long process.

Fact: Smart Chargers with Modern Features Make EV Charging Hassle-free

The modern and intelligent smart chargers are actually capable of delivering a seamless charging experience to the users. Nowadays, they are equipped with features such as remote control and real-time monitoring. The intuitive display makes it easier for users to get the exact charging status and accurate information on EV charging to effectively manage the charging sessions. The coming of mobile apps allows users to take full control of charging just one tap. They can schedule their charging sessions, share their access with friends and family, and control charging usage for more convenience.

Final Words

The advancements in smart charging solutions made EV charging more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective than ever before. By embracing accurate EV charging information and debunking EV charging myths, people can confidently turn towards a greener, cleaner future with electric vehicles leading the way.

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