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Exicom empowering residential EV charging Pan India

Jul 7, 2023

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity in India, the need for convenient and efficient residential EV charging solutions becomes paramount. Home charging needs to provide the convenience of recharging vehicles overnight super easily ensuring a fully charged EV at the start of each day. This case study examines the impact of Exicom’s partnership with all major OEM’s (such as Tata Motors,MG Motors, Volvo, and Mahindra) on residential EV charging & promoting sustainable transportation and enhancing the EV ownership experience.


Residential customers face challenges such as limited access to charging infrastructure, concerns about charging times, managing energy costs and sometimes complicated interfaces to start charging. A reliable and user-friendly solution is needed to address these challenges and encourage wider EV adoption.

Exicom reigns supreme IndianAC Home Charger Market with over 80% market share


Exicom bought in global knowledge experts, understood challenges and requirements from early EV adopters in India and spoke to many OEM’s and then designed a product that was tailored to meet the needs of homeowners. The solutions included a super sleek design, smart charging with features like SPIN mobile app control, remote monitoring, inbuilt energy metering, scheduling options and an end to end guided installation process amongst others and helped makeSPIN Home Chargers #1 choice for EV owners in India.

Business Impact

Exicom SPIN Home Charger became the proof point of partnership with almost all major OEM’s and within as pan of 2 years we crossed more than 30K installation sin homes across 200 cities in India who are now experiencing best in class home charging experience. Many communities have started installing Exicom chargers in common parking areas, facilitating EV adoption among residents.


Exicom's commitment to empowering residential EV charging has revolutionized the Indian market. Through partnerships with major car manufacturers, user-friendly EV Chargers, and robust customer service, Exicom is fuelling next generation transportation solutions and contributing to greener homes and societies.

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