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Accelerating EV Adoption:

Exicom and Kia Motors transform charging experience across 12 Cities

Jul 12, 2023

Business Objective and Strategy

  • Exicom collaborated with Kia Motors to revolutionize the fast charging experience as Kia EV8 was the first car in India which could take charge of 3C rate from 20%-80% SoC.
  • The objective was to deploy advanced DC Fast chargers at Kia's flagship dealerships nationwide and provide fast and reliable charging solutions at key dealerships to overcome range anxiety.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Exicom installed 15 state-of-the-art super fast EV chargers at Kia dealerships in 12cities starting with Gurgaon, Haryana.
  • These chargers delivered charging speeds exceeding 150 kW, significantly reducing charging times.
  • Drivers experienced an 80% charge within approximately 20 minutes, enhancing convenience and confidence in EV ownership.
  • The deployment of fast chargers strengthened the charging infrastructure and demonstrated 20-30 mins car charging times for the first time in India.

User Experiences

  • Customers at Kia dealerships benefited from the fast, seamless and e efficient charging process.
  • The high voltage charger which charged at 800V battery adherence to global compliances to ensure highest degree of safety.
  • The successful deployment across multiple cities showcased Kia's commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable mobility and empowered Kia drivers toembark on longer journeys with peace of mind.

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