If you are looking for an end-to-end solution for uninterrupted electric mobility - Exicom's ‘Bulk Charge and Swap' solution is your answer. If your electric mobility business plans are contingent on high daily running with near-zero window to wait for charging - Exicom's 'Bulk Charger and Swap' solution is your answer!

Benefits of Swapping Solution

Having a swap solution in your portfolio of 'EV ecosystem assets' can be a key differentiator for your business 
if the following benefits are important for you:

  • Getting ~20% improvement in on-road time for an EV*
  • Ensuring that vehicles have near-zero down time for charging
  • Ensuring the overall health of batteries is optimised
  • Preventing uncontrolled charging of your stock of batteries

No bumps in electric mobility

No ~3hr parking for EV charging

No waiting time | Faster turn-around

How can Exicom's swapping solution benefit you…

Exicom's swapping solution is not just hardware brought together by skilled manpower and smart machines.
We help you design and customise the deployment so that your business is able to utilise the assets efficiently. The swap solution from Exicom stands apart from any enabler of electrification as it is:

  • Able to drive ~20% improvement in EV's on-road time*
  • Capable of simultaneously charging up to 20 batteries in one go
  • Designed and engineered for indian conditions (indoor and outdoor use)
  • Compatible with a range of Exicom's EV batteries (2W and 3W)
  • Laden with field-tested features like air-conditioner, touch-interface, efficient power electronics
  • Intuitive enough to be operated by consumers with various levels of technical know-how
  • Customisable to be a 'blind swap' (automatic alignment with terminals)

on-road time

Batteries chaarging


Efficient power electronic



Building blocks of Exicom’s integrated swapping solution

Demonstrating our end to end swap solution

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