Most advanced analytical platform for
battery intelligence and monitoring!

An advance analytical cloud based application for real-time monitoring of battery packs and routine health check-ups alerts.

The aim of JARVIS is to build and manage in-depth of business insights and real-time data analytics for Li-iON Batteries. Considering current problem statements of business/customer, JARIVS would be an end-to-end monitoring application of product and its behaviour in real-time scenarios.

Advance Features

Interactive Dashboard

Dashboard designed specifically for customer needs, overall proudct performance, realtime monitoring and performance informaton and stll enables users to drill down to the lowest possible level.
Custom diagrams on business needs...

Real-Time Tracking & Geo-fencing

Get real-time pings and alerts from battery pack with current location data which makes fleet operations and asset control more easy for track and assess the records. Set geography of your assets and manage remotely from your location.

Trending & Analytics

Smart algorithms bringing meaningful business and product insights to data which help to define a productive goal setting.

Reporting & Scheduling

Custom reports and scheduling for instant support for service and engineering groups. Automated sync with production, business, usgae for various analysis and reports.

Software & Hardware Agnostic

Integrate devices irrespective of device manufacturer, Open API to integrate with their core platform to get insights. Firmware updates for devices and performance profiling, control and manage responses for alerts and warnings.

Most Advanced Battery Analytics
and Monitoring Platform…

Serving Customer Needs……………………..

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