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Giving India the freedom to go Electric

Some facts..

9 of the 10 most polluted cities are in india
50% of miles driven by 2040 will be on shared mobility platforms
By 2040, India will have 5x of today’s car fleet
reduction in charging time from current 6 hours to 1 hour in 3 years
4-10x is the running cost of ICE vehicle compares to an electric car
70% of india’s population is below age of 35

EV Charging 101

Level 1 - AC Slow Charging

  • 1 hour charging = 20 km of driving
  • Single phase supply is enough
  • Preferred option for home charging

Level 2 - AC Fast Charging

  • 1 hour charging = 65 km of driving
  • Requires three phase supply
  • Preferred option for workplace charging

Level 3 - DC Charging

  • 30 minute charging = 80% battery recharge
  • Public charging only, not for home use
  • Preferred charging method to quickly recharge

Smart & Efficient Charging

  • Cutting edge hardware technology that is modular/scalable & designed to operate in all types of conditions
  • Rigorously tested for safety, efficiency and reliability
  • Enabling smart charging and transactions using open protocols via scalable cloud technology
  • Smart connectivity allows remote monitoring & control and functional upgrades to provide customers with real time services
  • Multi protocol design (CHAdeMO, CCS and GB/T) and wide output voltage range makes EC Charger compatible with all types of vehicles across all platforms (Passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles )

Exicom's EV Charging Product Portfolio

Harmony - Fast combined AC & DC charge solution – 82kW / 142kW / 202kW
Bharat EV DC Charger 15kW / 20kW
7.5kW / 11kW / 22kW Type2 AC Charger
Bharat EV AC Charger 9.9kW
Central Management System

Introducing Our Global Harmony EV Charger

Global combined AC & DC charge solution from India that durable, reliable, smart, connected, compact and extremely good looking!

EV Charging Network Software

We partner with you by providing our chargers with network software to make EV charging available, everywhere

Mobile Application

Deepen customer engagement with our mobile app and web portal that provide a integrated experience – drivers can easily locate chargers, enjoy multiple payment options and check charging status.

Asset Management & Utilization

Network-wide monitoring shows analytics and health of every charging port and related components at a glance.

Load management

We allow operators to set time of day pricing based on current market prices. This helps utilities manage load and enable grid stability.

Flexible Pricing

Set your own rates by time intervals to incentivize charging during certain periods, or set up a connection fee and offer free charging

Our Applications

Workplace & Residential

Our solutions help in creating cleanest places to live and work for your denizens
Benefits of partnering with Exicom
  • For residential – you will attract a new breed of potential tenants and increase the property's value by deploying our EV chargers – Be trendsetter and differentiator!
  • Make your offices sustainable and innovative. Young job seekers care about jobs with greater cause! Help your staff to move to electric!
  • We'll help you to keep the power consumption costs down with custom charging tariffs, load balancing configurations
  • You can trust us to take care of end to end services from hardware installation to remote software support, and managing multiple charging stations at your facility
Create value, and improve retention
Increase property value and retention
Achieve Sustainability Goals

Automobile OEMs

Exicom will enable you to scale, be an early entrant and grab the EV market.
Benefits of partnering with Exicom
  • Be an early mover and grab EV market by giving your customers easy home charging experience with Exicom’s high quality range of Home EV Chargers
  • Provide high quality customized branding charging stations for your dealers and manage them through our CMS
  • Provide better breakdown service to your customers by opting for Exicom’s mobile “on wheels” charge service
  • Jointly work with us to develop next generation charging products – to make charging easy, cost effective and faster!
Be the Frontrunner
Scale the EV Business
Demonstrate Leadership and Innovation

Fleet Operators

Exicom collaborates with fleet operators to give affordable rides and lucrative returns to their partners
Benefits of partnering with Exicom
  • Go for the most reliable service for your customers by going for Exicom’s durable, certified, validated EV charger which has demonstrated highest uptime (99.9%) in industry
  • Use our web services and tools for drivers to optimize their routes to minimize charging time and maximize running of vehicles
  • Use our advanced CMS to get essential insights about usage, activity, faults, and do remote upgrades
  • Take control of your power consumption by using our dynamic load balancing feature and prevent over capacity
Affordable Travel
Cust. IT Services
Network wide Monitoring


We work with utilities by deploying EV chargers enabling load management and grid stability
Benefits of partnering with Exicom
  • Create additional revenue streams via this adjacent business by charging electric car drivers for charging their cars
  • Go for the most reliable service for your customers by going for Exicom’s durable, certified, validated EV charger which has demonstrated highest uptime (99.9%) in industry
  • Transform your image by going sustainable and being innovative
  • Use our CMS for nation-wide charging network monitoring and upkeep and manage peak load by smart charging
Achieve Sustainability Goals
Reliable Support

Charge Point Operators

Our finest product and complete solution makes us a desired partner for charge point operators
Benefits of partnering with Exicom
  • Achieve lowest cost of charging / Km with high quality and cost effective Exicom’s charging solutions
  • Zero headache and maximum work - you can bank on us for end to end solutions from site survey to I&C to after sales support
  • Use our advanced CMS to get essential insights about usage, activity, faults, and do remote upgrades
  • Take control of your power consumption by using our dynamic load balancing feature and prevent over capacity
Network Management
Scale your business


We partner with Government to actualize sustainability and nation building
Benefits of partnering with Exicom
  • Push for clean pollution free air by promoting electric car sales and putting up significant EV charging infrastructure that is accessible to everyone
  • Push for use of only electric cars by government officials in every state and partner with EVSE OEM’s to build required charging infrastructure for such initiative
  • Build new smart cities by partnering with EVSE OEM’s to provide state of the art equipment for electric charging infra for all segments of vehicles
Create EV Ecosystem
Scale Up Charging Infrastructure
Promote Healthy Living

Why Exicom

Why Exicom?

Exicom envisions a future of energy efficiency with emission free mobility, and is committed to leading the way towards this future.

Our pioneering technology places us at the heart of the EV mobility. We are laying the foundation for smarter, reliable and emission free electric mobility, accessible to everyone, everywhere. We provide full range of charging solutions which includes AC, high and low voltage DC Fast Chargers and portable chargers, which are specially designed to cater the need of all categories of vehicles. Being an innovator and frontrunner, our chargers have proven their reliability across India.

Our team of professionals ensure complete customer satisfaction by offering genuine product, project execution, proactive maintenance and dependable after sales service. We work closely with utilities, charge point operators, real estate owners and automobile companies to help them build infrastructure for accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles. We are determined to redefine mobility to serve our customers and stakeholders.

Flexibility is not enough

At Exicom, customer service is our top priority. We certainly take pride in understanding your needs and offering tailored EV charging solutions. However, at Exicom we do much more than that. We give you total control over your EV charging stations through effortless cloud management.

Our Cloud Management System is designed to place you in the driver’s seat of your EV charging system. This gives you a granular visibility and control over your asset, positively impacting your business bottom line. We believe in giving our customers a competitive advantage and the leverage to scale up their businesses.

Become Our Partner

Our mission is to become one of the key players of electric mobility in India. We are working with industry leaders spearheading the EV mobility revolution. We have partnered with government agencies, Powergrid, Auto OEM’s, fleet operators, and CPO’s for deployment of charging infrastructure across India by providing end to end EV charging solutions and create sustainable and shared value for our stakeholders. Join hands with us, in the emission free mobility.

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