Our BMS Platform

Your quest for excellence ends with our Mexx BMS platform – automotive grade, proprietary multi layered safety features, unmatched accuracies (<1% for SoC, +/- 1mV for voltage, and <1% for current), chemistry agnostic prediction algorithms and industry leading performance on all other parameters

Heavy on features but light on cost - LITE BMS platform is self-reliant and highly value engineered system which packs all required features and performances in a small space

Robust technology for Automotive

Our state of the art BMS products are India’s first ASIL-B certified BMS for light electric vehicles with AEC Q100 certified components and are complaint with relevant IEC and ISO standards. It gives industry leading performance, multi-layer safety and advanced cell balancing features. Our BMS are designed to operate through the electrical noise produced in electric vehicles. The BMS are rated for the full temperature range of -40C to +80C and have undergone drop tests for mechanical shock, ESD, and EMC testing – truly automotive grade!...   read more

Global Compliance

Electric vehicles need to compete on the same grounds as traditional ICE vehicles to prove themselves in rough and rugged conditions. Be it temperature, humidity, noise; performance is key. Our BMS comply with highest standards as required by ISO16750/ IEC60068/CISPR-25 Class 3 to ensure batteries can be used safely in such demanding environments.

Modular / Scalable and flexible architecture

With a wide voltage sensing range of 0 – 5V per cell for monitoring and balancing, the Exicom’s BMS platforms are compatible with virtually all Li-ion batteries in the market. While the individual BMS can support applications from 12V to 120V but multiple of them can be put in master slave combination to support applications up to 1000V. Basically, our solutions can power anything from a e-bike to a passenger car or heavy duty vehicles...   read more

High Performance

We have set the bar for performance pretty high - Industry leading voltage measurement accuracy of +/- 1mV, current measurement error of <1% & temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 1 degree, Kalman filter based SoC accuracy of <2%. For safety, our platforms boast Redundant hardware protection for voltage, current and temp along with latent fault checks and self-diagnostics

So configurable that it is like your own

With over 200 configurable parameters and a software utility to allow BMS design, we allow convenient and easy way to deeply customize your battery setup through our BMS, enabling each battery pack to be a product fully tailored for your application

Highest Safety, Unmatched Quality and Optimized Cost

With truly state of the art & robust technology, we help you maximize safety, performance and longevity for your battery systems at a cost which makes electrification economically viable for you. We allow convenient and easy way to deeply customize your battery setup through our BMS, enabling each battery pack to be a product fully tailored for your application.

Connected intelligence

Capable of real time data transmit and logging up to 8 years of battery data; our BMS allows constant battery monitoring with advanced cloud based battery management software platform “Jarvis”. It enables users to manage fleet of batteries, perform advanced analytics, get alerts of unwanted behavior or activity, manage new updates and configurations on batteries in real time


Though all Exicom battery packs come with our BMS platforms but we understand some customers want to build their own designed packs but would still like access to world class BMS technology. We also license BMS technology to OEM’s, system integrators and help them integrate the same into their battery packs so they can get the excellent battery performance. Access to our advanced battery analytics platform – “Jarvis” comes with every BMS without any additional charge. Contact us to learn more

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What are the applications which can be served by Mexx and LITE BMS?

The Exicom Mexx BMS provides best in class safety and performance targets and is designed exclusively for highly demanding automotive environments such as high speed bikes, E-3W and even small cars. The Exicom Lite BMS provides a compelling value proposition in terms of features and cost while addressing some of the unique requirements of low power personal mobility / mobility pods / quadri-cycles and E3W intended for last mile travel segment.

How many battery packs can I parallel with Mexx and LITE BMS?

We are looking for a BMS to be used in an IEC 61508 relevant safety application. Which one should I choose?

We have a high capacity battery pack application in the range of 10-15 kWhr. Which BMS should I choose?

We are looking to have connected batteries with real time monitoring. What do you recommend?

We are looking for BMS which can be used for swapping application for last mile delivery network